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The best quality pizza around, high quality vegetables and tomato sauce. The dough is the best around, I haven't had pizza this good since I was in Italy last. Also the best value for your money, their pizza'a are cheaper and better than any place within 100 miles around.

* Pros: The best pizza in Northern CA The highest quality and the best around
* Cons: The location is not the best, but who cares, pizza to go :)

Name: Eric M.

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This is it. This pizza is the shizzlenickfitwittersnitzfrickel ..

They are right by the Autozone and 7-11 on sunrise .. hidden behind the Autozone.

All I can say is that this place is legit. It's hard for me to give 5 stars on anything, but this place totally deserves it.

I found it while grabbing some parts from autozone. My friends and I having the munchies couldn't help but smell this sexy cheese, sauce, and dough stench. It's like in the cartoons when you smell something good and the smell practically lifts you up and you float to where it's all coming from. This happened to us (maybe not, but it sounds cool!)

Not only was the smell great, but there was a nice sign on the front that said:

Large Pepperoni for $6.99. Pure awesome!!

We walk in to grab a pizza and the smell was just awesome and the place looks quite nice. My buddy looks at me and was like "This dude looks italian, this pizza is gonna be hellsa good"

Ahhh finally, a cheap pizza place with not a bunch of younguns running it. This was just pure authentic

There is no hot and ready. There is no cardboard taste. Their pizza is fresh and tastes great.

I just went there last night and grabbed two large pepperonis and a 25pc bocci bits (forget breadsticks, these are fantastic and only $3.99 for a 25pc order!)

Got in the car and the pizza was still steaming from how fresh it was. The guy working there is cool. Excellent service.

So legit, authentic pizza (also have tons of other

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OW, I recently moved to the Citrus Heights area. I got their coupon in the mail and let me tell you, one of the best pizza restaurants around the sacramento area because they have very good quality of dough, vegetables, toppings, and sauce! The owner said everything is freshly made and I believe it because the taste says it all. I highly recommend the place. Another plus is that it has FREE DELIVERY.

PROS: Quality is definitely worth the price, very friendly staff.

CONS: They need a website so I can order from home :) even tho


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Best pizza I've had in a long time! Best value for price. Cheap prices and superior quality! Fresh dough, sauce, toppings, and salads! Highly Recommended. And free delivery, which is a plus.

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